Friday, June 28, 2013

The start to a second year with GSoC and Nomacs

This year I decided to apply for GSoC again. The main reason is the great experience I had last year. I really liked working with Nomacs and the Nomacs developers. They were really great mentors, always available to talk and help. This is also why I wanted to work with the Nomacs team again.

When April came I was glad to see that Nomacs team (part of the Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien organisation) was again selected as a mentoring organisation. I looked at the project ideas they've prepared and one of them completely caught my eyes. It was the plug-in system idea. I decided that I want to do this project and I want anyone else take it from me.

Every year there are thousands of  students applying to GSoC. So to get selected ones needs to distinguish himself  from the others. I already had the advantage of knowing Nomacs and Qt from last years GSoC so I could really focus to prepare the project so it would best fit Nomacs. I read some books on the topic of Qt plug-ins and then implemented a simple test plug-in in Nomacs to show the feasibility. I also became a Nomacs translator. I've translated it into Slovene and Italian. So before the selection I already did a lot of work to show my commitment to the project.

My proposal with a full description of the project and timeline is accessible at:

In the weeks to come I'll be writing posts on the development of the plug-in system.

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