Friday, June 22, 2012

Image Mnaipulation Tools Dialog

In the previous post I showed the first three image manipulation tools that were added to Nomacs. The tools were placed in a Qt Dock Widget and a change in tools values resulted in a change of the displayed image colors. For changing the colors of an image we need to go through each of its pixels and do a calculation depending on the tools values.  As we can see on the graph in the post Image histogram - speed upgrade the time needed for going through all the pixels exponentially increases with the image size. So the manipulation of larger pictures took more time and this resulted in a bad user experience.

The solution was to move the tools from the main window to a dialog with a small picture preview. This way all the changes that user makes are firstly displayed on a scaled image. This is done faster then on an unscaled image. This way the changes on the slider are smooth and the preview is redisplayed right away. Only after the user is satisfied with the preview, the changes are made to the image in the main window.

The current look of the dialog is displayed bellow:

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