Friday, May 25, 2012

Applying to GSoC 2012

In search of new experiences, this year I decided to apply for the Google Summer of Code 2012. After the 180 selected organizations and their projects ideas were announced I started looking for an interesting project to which I could contribute. I found it between the projects at Technical University of Wien. The project name is Nomacs RAW Loader and the goal is to add tools for raw image manipulation for the open source image viewer Nomacs.

I am a physics student currently finishing my diploma. During the experiments for the diploma I've learned a lot on digital cameras, raw files and image processing. Because of this knowledge and because of the interesting topic of the project I chose Nomacs RAW Loader as the project that I would write a proposal for. The proposal with more about the project and me is accessible at

I succeeded with the proposal and I was selected to contribute to Nomacs as part of GSoC 2012. The coding period for the project started at the beginning of this week. What I will try to do during the next 16 weeks is adding tools to adjust raw images from how they are currently displayed (left picture) to how they are display for example in Photoshop's Camera Raw (right picture). In the weeks to come I'll be posting about the process of trying to get there.

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